Vlog- The Minions new House!

Teddy bought a house and 3 of them are moving into it (once its been fixed up) It’ll be where the majority of post season 4 episodes of Hagan will be filmed. Hagan and The Avatar of Decent Humour decided to show the place off in all its epic, semi-destroyed glory!



  1. Hey, don’t videos like this usually end with someone screaming and dropping the camera?
    In any case, the place sounded plenty derelict before, but actually seeing it is a little…uh…. “terrifying” might be the right word. The “studio” room is a little smaller than I thought, but then again, the images produced by any given camera tend to be a surprise to me at any time.

  2. I thought the Paranormal Activity room looked more like the WW II scene from Russian Ark.

    Also, Cracked shoutout!

  3. Actually instead of scary or crumbled, I can see lots of potential for that house. I love the landscape and the structure, it just needs two or three months on repairs, nice forniture, maybe some gardening at the concrete pit and of course pets to make it feel like the kind of place you want to crash after work and invite over your mates on weekends.

    I’m always happy when somebody tells me they bought a house of their own.

  4. Hi there, I know you guys are in Derry rather than Belfast, but I hope everything’s okay with the latest trouble. Hopefully it won’t spread as far as you lot.

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