Special Review- Sting Moment of Truth

Hagan forces The Spoony One to watch the most boring Christian wrestling biopic either of them have ever seen!



  1. Wonderfully Crafted Work!
    I can’t help but notice that you once again gave your crossover partner more punchlines, but I actually think that that elements works better here than it does in “different location” crossovers. Your intimidating and downright surreal presence in full garb and makeup next to the comparably average-looking Spoony utilizes the situation in letting him work the reaction shots. Since this is a situation where Hagan is in full control, the somewhat more understated approach works wonders.

    I also find it really amusing that you torment the Spoony fanbase by mixing up Insano’s identity some more and kill of the sub-Spoony you created just to introduce a new one. That’s going to make some waves, I imagine.

    And you milked a rather impressive amount of punchlines out of that movie, especially considering what a passionless, bloodless, bloated nothing of a movie it appears to be. It’s downright stunning how inept this piece of wrestlesploitative propaganda is at getting its message across. The word “neutered” comes to mind.

    Did Spoony have any input on the writing? Some of the wrestling background knowledge seemed like it might be his, but I think I can see your fingerprints on pretty much everything else.

  2. If Diamanda Hagan had Sting (Surfer or Crow) pattern make-up on while she put Ultimate Warrior Spoony in a Scorpion Deathlock to the song “The man called Sting ” or the Instrumental Crow Theme, I would pay to see that.Otherwise, you and Spoony should do more crossovers because this is a Perfect 20!

    • I know, right? So glad I re-read the comment section here, because ITA. It was awesome and they totally should! 🙂

      P.S. – I also wanna see some Diamanda and Cinema Snob…bwahahaha

  3. That was a little awkward to watch… you were good but Spoony was really phoning it in. I just can’t escape the impression that he’s not enjoying this sort of thing anymore. This isn’t the first time where he’s done a review where the delivery suggests he might as well be loading cement onto a truck (no hostility meant to Spoony btw, he was one of the earliest reviewers I saw, and he was how I found Channel Awesome, but ever since he started suffering with depression it’s really affected his performances.) I can see why he’s moving more towards other shows like his Counter Monkey and Vlogs.

    On the other hand, this was probably filmed just after his bust-up with Channel Awesome, so that might also be a reason why he’s not quite so sparkling as before.

    • He was v tired. He’d flown in the day before (delayed at Heathrow) and then held court for hours, done a panel and dmed a game of DnD for an audience before we filmed.

  4. This review while good seems weird because the filming doesn’t match either of your stylings, your not excesivly violent or graphic, and spoonys not fan boying the thing, i mean its not like highlander end gMe with pat the nes punk where its all jilted and uncomfortable, but i think there should have been more a settling for either yours or his style.

    Still a good review, though i was hoping a Diamanda/Insano conversation about equipment and stuff would happen

    • Style wise (filming) we did it as quickly as we could. We were both v tired (him much moreso) As for violence/ Insano stuff.. who knows what I woulda come up with if I’d decided to review a different movie.

      • Well here’s hoping there is a next time, I honestly feel you guys did good, just I know you both can do better ^_^

  5. I have to agree with all the above reviews. I felt that Spoony’s heart just wasn’t in it and really I kept expecting you to hit/ threaten Spoony with a gun/ other violence every time he made a disparaging joke at your expense. I was actually cheering for you to do something after the first couple of jokes but sadly we were left violence free.

    We all love you Hagan, But we love the violent you more =P

    • Honestly I like it crossovers when I get mistreated because I never get mistreated in my own reviews. That’s why I wasn’t going insane or hurting him. Plus Hagan knew she cold destroy him whenever she wanted.

    • I didn’t mind the less violent aspect, I think JW punching Hagan and her reaction was one of the funniest crossover moments she’s had. I do agree though that the character of Hagan works best when she’s unapologetically Hagan, Incorporating her strange blend of delusions of godhood, sociopathy and the very frank artistic and ethical views of her creator, It might just be me but I love the subtle nods to where the creator/reviewer and monstrous egotist clash provides some fun moments, especially when she then carries on regardless.

      • Never post when tired. Sorry. I’ll stop spamming now.

  6. Not only did Spoony (perhaps understandably) seem seriously downbeat, perhaps understandably, but… well, I don’t think your styles gel, or at the very least they didn’t gel well in this review. I enjoyed it but I was definitely hoping for something more… ostentatious?

    • And this is, again, why I need to check my posts before I post them here – no edit function. Good thing I make a point to proofread my essays…

    • It was possibly the choice of film. It was bought as a Hagan reviews movie but I decided it was too boring to make funny by myself. Figured itd be a good choice for us together. Maybe I wrong.

      • It wasn’t terrible by any stretch. The Insano/Spoony bit in particular was gold but it seems like some more polish would have made it feel less last minute. That said, I’m guessing it wasn’t exactly straightforward planning/executing this shoot in the short time you had available so the flaws are understandable.

  7. Well, I liked it. Good times 😀

    • to clarify, by “it” I mean the review, not the movie itself, lol

  8. I did enjoy it but i think the problem was less Spoony’s fatigue and more the fact that this movie didn’t give you a ton to work with it appears.

  9. Absolutely awesome.

    I love the “I think Kefka just knocked on my door” reference to the makeup style you used.

    • Comments like yours make me wish there was a “like” button here, hehe 😉

  10. “What the fuck is a Jedward?” indeed. Although without them we wouldn’t have one of the funniest episodes of “Never Mind The Buzzcocks” ever.

  11. Cool review. Also, were those Spider Jerusalem shades you were wearing? If so, where did you get them? I love Transmetropolitan. If not, they still look pretty fucking cool.

  12. Found the review highly enjoyable, loved Spoony’s ultimate warrior monologue

  13. One of several self-indulgent biopics
    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0932524/ Power Rangers director/stuntman directs biopic of himself starring the Green Ranger as the director.

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