Diamanda Hagan 04 09 The Genderfellator

Something interesting and wonderful. Dealing with being offended… through porn.

The URL in the review is wrong. It changed after I finished the editing (I finished a while back) so here’s the actual site to buy the movie- http://www.handbasketproductions.biz/



  1. This was a really fun episode. Lots of great minion bits, more Aleister (who knew that he had some Caesar Romero in him? Uh,not like that), world building, ongoing banter of the meta-Hagans, cameos.. And the hat! Definitely one of the strongest eps of the season.

    Also, the movie in question really warms my heart. One wouldn’t think that a porn movie done out of spite against bigotry and oppression could come across so cheery and positive, but it looks like it really does.

  2. Another great review, I loved you arguing with yourself. I actually moved to Texas a couple months ago and it douse not seem any worse then Florida (granted I am in the middle of a big city so that probably helps)

    Also Ms. Hagan there was some thing I have been wondering about Alistair. Is he supposed to be a natural born male, a FTM transsexual, or a drag king. I have seen different reviews that hinted at different things

    • I always thought of Aleister as a cis guy. Albeit one with tits and a painted on moustache:p

      • Isn’t he a bit camp for a cis male though?

        Also, I had to look up what “cis” means, so i’m going to presume in this context it means a guy born as a guy and who considers himself to be a guy, as I doubt he is a unit for radioactivity or an ex-USSR state.

      • Bit camp for a cis guy? Statistically most camp guys are cis. (:p)

      • Yeah, I suppose just because you’re camp doesn’t mean you don’t consider yourself to be a dude, but from the definitions I found, I figured it meant a guy who also acts macho.
        Then again, Alistair is probably ballsier than most guys who act macho (emphasis on “act”).

      • @snakebite:cis -stems from organic chemistry- there are cis and trans-isomers. stereoisomery cis there means, that the 2 relevant substituents are on the same “side” and trans-isomere are if the 2 relevant substituents are on the opposite side (might look a bit like an flat X or such)

        and well, trans might mean something like “over” so from one side over to the other (so like trans-portation chances your position from one to another place or such-but i am a latin-noob so this is guessing^^^)-then cis might mean something like this or here.

    • I always figured Alistair as a drag king, but that’s just me. He/She’s pretty sexy either way, lol.

      Certainly talented, no matter the material.

  3. I think one of the things I like about this whole thing is they do seem to be having a ton of fun making this movie.

    That and Accoustic Letcher Bitch.

  4. As a gay man who is a fan of other men with “less than perfect bodies”, I commend the makers of this film for making it!

  5. Great review, Mistress!

    I never thought I’d see you hug a Minion though! Very surprisingly kind of you. I guess you thought having two left feet was punishment enough?

    Serious mode: A friend of mine recently moved to Texas, near Texas A&M. And…yeah…he kind of wishes he never moved there. I’m sure there are okay places in Texas, but..yeah…he’s severely depressed about the quality of the people around him.

  6. Great review!

    Really love the part where you tell people off for making fun of trans folk. They really might as well laugh at birth defects, it’s just as rude and evil. I should know, I was born with a cleft lip and palate, and trans.

    Already thought you were neat, but you just got an upgrade to awesome.

  7. So many things I could say…but one main thing I wanna say…”Best voice over Ever,” LOL. I’m gonna laugh for days overs Teddy’s dub, hehehe 😉

  8. Okay, I am firmly of the opinion this is the best solo review you’ve ever done. The film fits your areas of expertise perfectly, it’s obscure, bizarre and wonderful and it’s a movie I want to own. I like material that forces you to take a stance and I think you really shine when you tackle material that calls on those social, political, religious etc. issues you’re best versed in or deeply care about.

  9. Yay, surprise Zinnia cameo 🙂

  10. Woah! Was not expecting to see Zinnia in any of your videos. That was exciting.

  11. “After Effects HO! Literally!”

  12. I know the world building isn’t exactly high priority in this film, but I just had a thought. What if all the forced transitions over the past seven decades has rendered most people infertile, leading to a dip in population. That might explain why there are so few people around and, therefore, the breakdown of infrastructure, Although, if you had the resources to transition everyone in the country, you’d think someone would invent a cloning machine.

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