Co Reviews- Burlesque with DJ Soundbyte

Me. DJ Soundbyte. Burlesque. Terrible movie!



  1. Entertaining watch!
    Makes a lot of sense in that all supervillains must clash with all superheroes sooner or later. And it’s always nice to see Hagan come out on top of a confrontation – Evil is fun!

  2. Ahh “Burlesque,” one of the few times I found a character who was exactly like me…”Nikki.” Can’t wait to see how you lambaste her and the rest, lol ;-D

  3. Wow, thrilled you didn’t trash “Nikki,” lol! Good choice in what you did critique, though.

    I must know: Does “SoundBite” do all his reviews as a bonafide “Mr. Arigato”? If so, I *gotta* see more, lol! I absolutely adore the sthick.

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