Commentaries- Intermedio review

Hagan and Teddy talk about Intermedio! They use words and everything.



  1. Announcing a review before having seen the movie is definitely a gamble… But maybe the excercise of having to work with a really boring movie also worked as a challenge and experience to further hone your skills?

    Also, I remain amazed at your insane levels of output. I am pretty sure that you are and remain the hardest-working reviewer in the field.

  2. Interesting commentary Ms. Hagen, you always work best when working off someone else, especially your brother

    I was wondering a few things, first who is older you or Teddy and by how many years. Secondly what is the date of your wedding to the omega and will you post video of the ceremony on this site. I hope you do not consider these questions to personal.

    Thank you

    • Im older than Teddy by a couple of years. The wedding is on the 20th of Oct and while it wont be filmed a few review-ing people are gonna be there and I hope someone does a v-log review of the event (for the lols)

      • Just out of curiosity, who are the other reviewers that receive the honor of seeing you and your lovely bride. (and don’t say Giovanni)

  3. Intermedio was directed by the guy who played Charlie the Rollerblade messenger on “Caroline In The City.” I need to go lie down.

  4. I wish I had a diet Irn Bru.

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