To Boldly Flee Absentee Commentary pt2

The best! The amazing! The unique! The outstanding! The possibly only… TBF commentary done by people who weren’t there! Starring Diamanda Hagan, Quatoria, Nash and Dodger of Zion. And over the course of the 8 parts OTHERS turn up! (including Hesanevilenius, Punky, Rap Critic, Overactor, Phil Bunny and Demoversi) Do not expect anything insightful, funny, intelligent or deep. That way you cant be disappointed.



  1. I enjoy this commentary enough to delay my bedtime for it!

  2. One of my favorite parts of To Boldly Flee was Mickey killing that guy in this part. That’s probably because I myself am short (5’2″) and just found it hilarious that they had him get angry enough to, by the looks of it, brutally murder someone for calling them shorty. I have to admit short jokes aren’t funny after the first couple of times and at some point you do get pissed if people don’t take a hint. As some one who comes from a family where everyone save myself and my grandmother and great aunt are all pushing 6′ if not over it (even the ladies) it does deliver a blow to the ego when cousins you helped changed diapers for tower over you when there not even proper teens yet.

    So Kudos to mickey for getting someone to write this in. Its very therapeutic =P

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