Diamanda Hagan review 04 10 Blackbeards Ghost

Season finale. So a kids movie about pirates without any adult subtext at all.



  1. Sweet goodness, it literally took me all day to finally get to see this.
    And it was well worth the wait. Very strong episode, particularly the first half of it. The concussion idea was a great “something extra” for the season finale, and minion stuff was fantastic. I do hope that doofy english-accented birdmask minion and soap opera doctor minion will be recurring. I also dig that you managed to go THAT dark with the jokes about a somewhat askew kids’ movie. Which, as I realized as I started watching the review, happens to be one of the earliest movie-watching memories I have. I must have seen it all the way back in… hm… ยด85 or so, too early to even comprehend it. So once again, this review hit me right in the nostalgia like a drunken pirate ghost.
    Also: The Giovanni cameo was really sweet and equally funny.

  2. Thanks so much for reviewing this, I haven’t seen this movie since I was about six. Very nostalgic seeing it again. I gotta admit I didn’t notice the sexual sadism when I was a kid!

  3. Ok this was hilarious one of my favorite shows to date. I really loved the dark jokes for this kids movie it really gave it a kick.

    On a matter unrelated to this since you and the Omega are getting married (grats by the way) does she get some nifty title in Haganistan I mean your are the ‘God Empress’ of Haganistan what title does she get =P

    Again congratulations! May your marriage be a happy one full of terrorized minions and lots of movies to review ^_^

    In an alternate reality where you are not a God Empress and Just an Internet reviewer (albeit a good one) I wish you a long and happy marriage full of love and happiness.

  4. Wow, I just realized that out of all the movies you have reviewed, Mistress, this and Freaks are the only ones I had actually seen beforehand. I remember getting this from the local library a few times when I was a young bratling.

    I guess I have a soft spot for some of these old 60s-70s Disney-type flicks. Swiss Family Robinson, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Babes in Toyland…all a lot of fun, but for what-the-fuckery it’s hard to beat the ghost of one of history’s greatest bastards coming back from the grave to help a fucking track team.

    Hail Hagan!

  5. You used a clip from The Twelve Tasks Of Asterix…


  6. Please make a new series! Don’t get me wrong, love the vlogs and podcasts, but we need a new series.

    • Oh Im working on s5! The only reason I’m not yet uploading vids from it is because I’m not sure Id be able to do uninterrupted uploads on time and wouldn’t want a mid season delay.

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