To Boldly Flee Absentee Commentary pt7

The best! The amazing! The unique! The outstanding! The possibly only… TBF commentary done by people who weren’t there! Starring Diamanda Hagan, Quatoria, Nash and Dodger of Zion. And over the course of the 8 parts OTHERS turn up! (including Hesanevilenius, Punky, Rap Critic, Overactor, Phil Bunny and Demoversi) Do not expect anything insightful, funny, intelligent or deep. That way you cant be disappointed.


  1. I’m learning so much from this. Mainly to avoid everyone involved in public. 😉

  2. Easily my favorite part of this whole commentary. I don’t know if any of you will read this, but if so: GET TOGETHER AGAIN AND RIFF SOMETHING ELSE, FOR THE LOVE OF CARLIN, YOU ARE TOO FUNNY TO NOT RIFF MORE.

    Oh, you think fetishizing teeth-brushing is bad? I present to you, WETRIFFS.COM. You can blame xkcd for that one.

    Cards Against Humanity…beautiful. Be glad I’d like you, or I’d refer to you by the game’s acronym.

    What is MarzGurl’s costume?! I don’t get it!!

    I wouldn’t mind a musical, but hell if I know where it would go.

    No more Critic? Yeah…eh heh, heh… (hindsight…)

    • I hope your talking to the others because Im terrible at Riffing.

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