Lets try…. Amish Sweets

The Omega, me and Mel ate some stuff bought at a Pennsylvania Amish market…



  1. Those wily amish, going cheap on the chocolate and all-in on the potatoes. There is some sort of joke to be had in there, I’m certain.

    Aaah, Mezzo Mix. I see what went wrong there. It’s a variation of the german “Spezi” concept, which is always cola and orange soda.However, the Coca Cola company never quite got the hang of this one puts out a really gross abomination of a product in regard of it. Pepsi, on the other hand, nailed that shit. Their version, called Schwip-Schwap, is goodness distilled.. Even the sugar-free version! (Ask Brad Jones about the regular one, he had it before)

  2. I like eating lemon peel. I just add a dash of sugar and I eat the peel and left over lemon pulp after I use them in cooking.

    As for Potato candy, Its very good isn;t it. I’ve had both store bought and homemade and just can’t get over its creamy goodness.

    Also dark chocolate covered bacon is supposedly better. While your in the US try to find a store called world market they have a food section in there you will find all sorts of different goodies from all over the world to try. Including but not limited to a dark chocolate bacon bar.

    On a completely different note I think a few videos ago you were talking about needing different religious movies. Its a little late but I know of two you may be interested in. I know there is on on Buddha made in the 90’s I remember my parents watching it I can;t tell you much else sorry.

    Also for an interesting watch for Judaism watch Jacob the Liar. Its a holocaust movie written by a holocaust survivor. The star of the English version is Robin Williams. And yes its a drama/tragedy and he actually does rather well for an over the top funny guy. That casting alone makes it an interesting watch.

    For Hindu movies I would check out the Bollywood area since the majority of India is hindu they are bound to have made one.

  3. Speaking as an American male, I think the bacon thing is more internet meme than real habit. People make jokes about how awesome it is, and make/buy lots of geeky bacon-related novelty products, but I don’t think for the most part actually eat that much more bacon than they used to (this whole “bacon is the king of foods” business is only a couple years old).

    Basically, bacon is the new Chuck Norris. And just like Chuck Norris, it’ll get old and people will move on. It’s already worn thin IMO, but then I usually get bored with trends a lot quicker than the general public. I’d give it another year or two maybe, by the end of which I will undoubtedly have become as sick of it as I am of zombies and steampunk.

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