Special Review- Harlem rides the Range

A new set of possession review begins with an all-black comedy, musical western! Set during the same time period as the original possession episodes.



  1. Ooooh, this was fun! Rap Critic hits the impression pretty damn well in the high, angry tones, but also does a nice job otherwise.

    Very entertaining review all in all, although the best gag was pretty much right at the beginning. (brand underwear).

  2. Most impressive. The accent wasn’t great but the cadence and mannerisms were all spot on. Besides there’s no reason for anyone who’s body she hops into to naturally have her accent.

  3. Like the other commenters said, great job on the impersonation acting!

    Also, the makeup pattern: I see what you did there 😉

  4. I’m looking for the other ones that came before this one, what are the titles?

    • Special Review- Freaks (Oancitizen)
      Special Review- Terror of Tiny Town (Cin Wicked)
      Special Review- Child Bride (Apollo Z Hack)

  5. Another great review from the position saga; even if the Rap Critic sounded Haitian half the time, and the Irish spring guy the other half. Besides that he was great.

    How many more of these are you going to do this time, and will we get to see you possessing that Obscures Lupa woman.

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