Vlog- Argo

Hagan and Arnikaria saw Argo. And also talked briefly about why we didn’t get to see Portrait of a Zombie… (among other things)

Fan Art- KatIsConfuseds Hagan!


KatIsConfused did this cool picture of Hagan. Here’s their Deviantart!

Flubs- The Island of Lost Souls review

A collection of Flubs, bloopers and alternate takes from the Island of Lost Souls review

Kickassia in 5 Seconds

Kickassia is owned by Channel Awesome

The Cinema Snob Movie in 5 Seconds

The Cinema Snob Movie is owned by Walkaway Entertainment

Other Stuff- Rap Critics Harlem rides the Range Commentary

Check out the Rap Critics thoughts on his recent possession episode!

Special Review- The Island of Lost Souls

This new set of possession review concludes with the first feature film based on The Island of Doctor Moreau! Set during the same time period as the original possession episodes.