Special Review- The Most Dangerous Game

This new set of possession review continues with the prototypical human hunting movie! Set during the same time period as the original possession episodes.



  1. The most dangerous game: Playing Twister with a paraplegic.

    Perfect. Just perfect.

  2. That zoom-in on the count’s face right before the break had me laughing out loud for a full minute.

    Hagario is a little less Irish and a little more Jareth, but I love the delivery.

  3. It’s really interesting to see how all the “possessed” are tackling the Hagan character. Now, I don’t know why JewWario tackled her as Timvid Currwie, but it is interesting!

    This was a great choice of a movie, too. It really does seem like the direct ancestor of many of the low-budget cornerstones that keep on giving to your reviews. So it makes a lot of sense that the writing for this review was rather strong.

  4. Little bit shocked to see JewWeegie doing a possession review. Also shocked at how good he was at it. Not very irish, no, but the delivery was great. How much of the script was Hagan and how much was him?

  5. Not a shock this was good as you two had fantastic chemistry in the Zombeak review but he was really good, other than his attempt at a Haganistan accent.

  6. When I was a freshman in high school, my English class read the short story this movie was adapted from. Our assignment was to write a short sequel.

    In mine, the main character was so disturbed after the events on the island that he ended up blowing his brains out.

    I got an A on it.

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