Commentary- The Perils of Gwendoline

Ready for Hagan and Teddy talking about a movie? (and other stuff)



  1. Once again a very interesting and entertaining commentary. I don’t know what makes me sadder, though – the ongoing disarray of the future compound. or that you had to spent so much money on that junk of a movie. (I mean, someone got that money! FOR THE PERILS OF GWENDOLINE!!!)

  2. It’s a shame that this video was made before I was a serious Hagan fanboy as I have access to far too many…interesting…photos of Steven James. Although considering he could say the same about me, maybe not.

    And OMG Russian Ark is amazing, even just for the sheer technical achievement of it. Film that’s like a nightmare though? Either Der Todesking or Schramm…basically anything by Buttgereit other than the Necromantik films. Or possibly Long Weekend, purely for the sense of dread?

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