Vlog- Argo

Hagan and Arnikaria saw Argo. And also talked briefly about why we didn’t get to see Portrait of a Zombie… (among other things)



  1. These Vlogs often seem to be more or less an excuse for you to go on random tangents on camera.

    …I’m quite fine with that!

    Also, awwwwwwwww on the topic of rings.

  2. The “dad from Malcolm in the Middle” you referred to goes by the name of Bryan Cranston.

    “Hurricane Sandy in my vagina”. …oooookaaaaay….

    Oh right, the ring. In case you didn’t catch it on TGWTG, again, congrats with that.

  3. You are right that Jack Kirby was involved with the fake movie. He was the storyboard Artist.
    It kinda baffled me that Michael Parks who you might remember from Kill Bill and Planet Terror played Kirby and he only gets not even a minute of screen time.
    But maybe that was intentional so that we would look up who he played. 🙂

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