Special Review- Forgive me for Raping You

The first part of my trilogy of Bill Zebub reviews, It does what it says on the tin.



  1. Missed a black box when the video cuts back to the cover of the vhs around the 1:43 mark on the sd version at blip. Besides all that really great review and I loved the attack on abstinence. Condoms for everyone!

  2. Fucking A for delivery of some difficult dark humor even by your standards. I’ve always believed that anything can be the subject of humor but the joke has to be strong enough to merit it and made for the right reasons; the latter is impossible to prove and the former is extremely hard to get right but this was great work. I had to pause a moment when you made the ‘I’m raping someone right now’ comment between laughing and feeling extremely uncomfortable. That aside you and Brad & Co. make a great team and even a brief crossover is welcome.

    I also thought you found a good flow and more importantly this seemed like a fair and well thought out interrogation of a difficult (read: shit) piece.

  3. Gleeful, minion-killing Hagan is best Hagan. Rape-priest is worst priest, though. Also, most common priest.

    It’s pretty amazing that you were able to get so much out of such a nothing of a movie. There’s definitely a bunch of big laughs and memorable moments in this episode!

    PS: I feel inexplicably useful now.

  4. I don’t often laugh out loud when I’m on my own, but 80s Jewish Robots spoke to something deep in my soul. Praise Hagan.

    • 80’s robots dressing up like a Rabbi to see if he can rape the object of his affection. Be exact:p

  5. So… does my reading the title of this review mean I have to take a shot?

  6. I cannot love a review with a Terrorizer joke in it enough. World Downfall is a fucking classic for good reason.

    • Actually it was a reference to terrorizer the extreme metal magazine.; they often have demo albums for obscure-ish bands.

      • Ah, I instinctively think the grind legends when I hear the word.

  7. Best use of an oompah band in a rape scene ever. Your move Oancitizen.

    • This could be the perfect segue into the Diamanda/Oan co-review of “Baise-moi” I’ve been hoping for, lol 😉

  8. The “Whether you like it or not” on the title card suddenly has horrible connotations.

  9. Hi my lord & masteress Hagan! I have watched your videos forever (like, a long time) and finally wanted to comment because I rather love/hate Bill Zebub. I hadn’t seen this one and… well. I look forward to the other three reviews! I secretly hope Jesus is a Douchebag is somewhere in there.

    • Heyas. There’s 2 more Zebub movies and unfortunately neither is Jesus the total douchebag (not seen it myself yet) Personally Im looking forward to Jesus: Daughter of God!

      • Ooh thanks I totally fucked that title up haha. Admittedly JTTD is only marginally more interesting than the Serial Rapist one even if it’s fucking hilarious. I can’t wait for your take on Jesus: Daughter of God

    • No plans on reviewing Jesus Daughter of God but if its good I’ll def add it to the list.

  10. Considering some of the stuff you’ve reviewed lately, I was wondering if you intend to review the August Underground films. It’s basically a mix of the gruesomeness of Slaughtered Vomit Dolls (I’m not 100% certain but I think the AU guys actually made the effects for Slaughtered Vomit Dolls) and the boring repetitiveness (and failure to be offensive) of Forgive Me For Raping You, with the editing of any of the Harry Russo films.

    As a film it’s not as interesting as either of these films (well okay, it’s probably more interesting that Forgive Me For Raping You) but there’s a lot to make fun of and/or yell at.

  11. So, should we all start reviewing Forgive me for Raping you in solidarity with Our Mistress? Because I have friends I can totally blackmail into that. Hail Hagan.

  12. Three things…

    1: …wait, was that actually her?!
    2: I don’t think Diamanda’s interpretation is at all hampered by him not actually being a priest.
    3: I’m somewhat disappointed the credits didn’t feature Minchin’s “Pope Song.”

  13. Sadly, these are not on DailyMotion. -sighs- Oh, well. Maybe YouTube could host them? Maybe the scripts could be released? Oh, well.

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