Commentaries- Faust Love of the Damned review

Hagan and Teddy watched the Faust Love of the Damned review and there were 2 survivors!



  1. Highly interesting once again! To my great shame, I had previously failed to notice some of the continuity nods that you have highlighted here, so appreciation for your work has once again risen by a few points.

  2. I actually think self abuse is the best abuse.

  3. Hey Diamanda, ever since a couple days now every time I watch one of your videos it appears in a tiny little window with “best of Blip” thing on the side that’s about half the size of said video and I can’t find a way to get the regular-sized video. Do you have any idea how I could fix that, please?

    • Honestly I have no idea. Id suggest sending blip a message at their tech email,Their usually pretty helpful.

      • Will do. Thanks.

  4. lol, this commentary was funny. I remember when I first saw your Faust video, right then you became one of my favorite reviewers on the site. Keep up the good work.

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