Hagan Cameos- Oancitizens Meloncholia review

Im one of many who turn up in Oancitizens epic 50th episode. He yet again shows why he is the best at this fucking reviewing thing.



  1. kinda tempted to go on twitter for that number

  2. Great cameo…And wow, that spoke to depression in a way that dropped my jaw

  3. I’ve never seen “Melancholia” myself, but my mother has, and she said it was terrible. One of Von Triers’ worst.

    I’m interested to see what sort of critique Oan gives it.

    I’ll be back after I watch the review.

  4. I love your chemistry with Kyle, and it helps that I love Kyle too. Melancholia is one of a few of von Trier movies that I’ve tried to stay away from but I was so excited when I saw he’d chosen it for his 50th ep haha.

  5. Excuse me while I go find a dark room to go sit, such a downer for a 50th, where were the ballons! 😛

    Seriosly though, the most introspective look at depression I have ever seen, I thank the you fine Oancitizen, that needs to go into the pile of dry psychology texts I have lying around that never got it just right.

  6. To put things in perspective, Orson Welles made Citizen Kane early on so that he could spend the rest of his career arguing with the directors of frozen peas commercial over grammatical script semantics, while occasionally getting to do the voiceover in a Manowar song or the voice of a planet eating robot space vagina.

  7. I loved the review, I can’t help but think that Diamanda put Oancitzien’s number up on his twitter out of tough love for him. I just enjoy the dynamic between these two reviewers. Excellent work.

  8. I’m through the second part, and honestly, his accurate portrayal of the clarity of depression is so good that it somewhat makes me feel nostalgic for my own depression. Does he have an adress where I could reach him? This is seriously something warranting personal (as far as the net goes) thanks.

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