The Matrix Trilogy in 5 Seconds

The Matrix Trilogy is owned by Warner Brothers




  2. That’s not fair, that only works for the GOOD Matrix movie.

    • Doesnt the matrix trilogy end with a superhero fight in a rainy city?

      Case, set and match.

      • I’d argue with you but rewatching the revolutions is WAY too high a price for victory.

  3. I’ll give you credit, I thought Dark City looked odious and depressing, but I got around to watching it a year or two ago and it was actually pretty heartwarming. Meanwhile, the only thing I liked looking at in The Matrix was Tank.

  4. Yep, that’s pretty much it.

    Still wish I could remember that other movie that used the topic. There was a lot of decay and cardboard in it.

    • The 13th floor?

      • Thanks, but it is yet another. Much lower budget, I think.

  5. Ah, I was wondering if you would ever elaborate further on your “I hate The Matrix, fuck you all” thesis. Granted, I was hoping for a lengthier analysis, but now I at least get the gist of it.

    Personally, I found Dark City disappointing, an interesting idea that kind of fell apart in the third act. Then again, you could say the same thing for the Matrix trilogy, and at least Dark City had the decency not to stretch it out for two more needless movies.

    • Not much of a thesis really. I really dislike the movie and I have done since I first saw it. The ‘fuck you all’ was because in my experience pretty much everyone else loves it. I thought ti was pretty much the same movie as Dark City (which I rate as an excellent film)

      Now obviously it didnt rip Dark City off but 2 films that are as similar as Worst Witch and Harry Potter coming out just around the same time. The one I loved coming out first and being ignored in favour of the later one which I hated and everyone else loved. Its gonna breed a certain amount of contempt.

      • Still, I’d love to see you rip into the Matrix trilogy at some point. Most people agree that the second two movies were inexcusable shit, and if you think Dark City got shafted, it’d be a good opportunity for you to promote it to people who haven’t seen it.

  6. What the people want to know is: what is the name of the music at the end?

    • Erm…that’s “Rock Is Dead” by Marilyn Manson, which I’m fairly certain is on the Matrix soundtrack album. Copies of said album can be found at any charity shop ever.

      • Thanks a lot!

  7. The funny thing is the Solid minute and a half of ads and waiting for the ads to load before the video starts.

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