Special Review- Zombiechrist

The second part of epic look at 3 movies by Bill Zebub. This movie is better than the last one. There’s a prologue explaining what exactly happened to the first part. Basically I took it down because of issues the episode was causing for blip. The movie was about a priest raping people. I hope one day to be able to re-upload it somewhere.



  1. It’s kind of amazing that the movie on its own isn’t more entertaining, given all the things it does. However, it certainly is a good delivery vehicle for cues for you to work your magic. Lots of really good gags in this. For some reason, my favorite gag is “….staggering. Just like the camera man”. Odd, all things considered…

  2. Yeah, I wanted to do a film in college about Zombie Jesus. Would have been a historical action flick on a shoestring or less budget.

  3. Wow. You wait a decade for a baaaaaad dad reference, and then you run into two in the same week. The world is a terrifyingly complex place.

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