Podcasts- Lesbian Talk ep01 (Christmas and Comics)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! Its exclusive to Project Million Entertainment! We talk about… Lesbian stuff… like Christmas and Comics….



  1. Aaaah, yep, that was entirely what I would have expected from a podcast hosted by these two particular personalities, and I couldn’t be happier. I hope that there are going to be many more episodes to look forward to and enjoy!
    By the way, is it sad that I knew every picture and could probably roughly say when/where they were made?

    Seems like the podcast went up earlier than planned, though – Unexpected gap in the schedule?

    • Yeah stuff got re-arranged but its ok. We recorded another tonight and plan o do the third at Mag.

      • Thanks for the info! Definitely looking forward to “White”! *stiffled laughter here*

  2. Hey, Diamanda, cheers from Puerto Rico! The podcast was awesome, it’s always cool to learn more about the people behind your favorite entertainment(seriously, you’re one of my absolute favorite reviewers on TGWTG, along with Kyle Kalgrenn, Rap Critic and E-Rod), and you and Omega are adorable when you’re yourselves. I’m looking forward to you guys discussing new media topics. BTW, are you gonna do a candid review on Django Unchained?

    Oh, and I have a movie review blog, I’d love for you guys to visit it and give me your opinion. Also, I’m getting deployed to Egypt in February(I’m an US Army medic), and while there I’m actually planning on starting to do video reviews in my free time, specifically focusing on classic 80’s horror, foreign language film and cult film. I’d love for you to give me advice.

    You can check my reviews here: http://dannyacme.tumblr.com

    I hope you enjoy them, and I wish you and Omega a new year full of joy and success.


    • Iv already tweeted your tumblr. I hope you get at least some extras views because of it. Always lovely to hear from a fan and I hope you enjoy the episodes of lesbian talk we have coming (a seconds already recorded).. As for Django Unchained, me and Omega hoped to go see it and Lincoln in a double feature but because she works so hard at her day job(s) we couldnt manage to go so unless its still running days after I get home to the UK Im unlikely to see it in the cinema.

      I did however bitch about the idiots being offended by all the dead white people in the second episode of lesbian talk!

      • I swear to Cthulhu, I’d seriously cut a testicle off for you right now. Tweeting my Tumblr is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me since I started the thing. I think my reviews are pretty good, but no one ever reads them. Thank you sooo much.

  3. Awesome, more of this please!

    Totally with Omega, there’s no Batman canon like the Animated Series. I didn’t really get past season 1 of Batman Beyond, but I might give it another chance sometime.

    So am I the only one who actually liked the portrayal of Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises?” Yeah, yeah, the rest of the movie was kinda shit, but I thought he was a pretty solid version of the character, lack of Latino accent notwithstanding. He was definitely better than the mindless heavy portrayed in “Batman and Robin.” Although now I’m looking back over the previous sentence and realizing that the “it was better than Batman and Robin” excuse probably isn’t a valid argument in favor of anything, including breathing.

    I dunno, maybe I’ve just always had a weakness for the Genius Bruiser trope whenever someone bothers to portray it.

    • Batman Beyond moves a little slowly, if you were feeling ho-hum about the first season the second & third are much better. The episodes move on at a better clip and there’s some good plot arcs, plus the Justice League crossovers. Really my only problem with BB was Terry’s character was so inconsistent depending on the writer haha.

      I really tried to get into DKR’s Bane but I just… gah. Couldn’t. Wasn’t the movie ruiner but gah. It really sucks that all we have to compare him to is Batman & Robin and B:TAS though lol

  4. Don’t feel bad Omaga. I am 5’2″ and my little sisters (and all my cousins( are all a lot taller then me even though I am the oldest >.<

    And Hagan shame on you for calling her a dwarf. Tsk tsk tsk.

    • If it makes you feel better I have also been accused of being a hobbit by my best friend. She even interogated me about hobbits in my family tree >.<

  5. You really do have such good chemistry together, you’re a genuine pleasure to listen to. And yeah, the animated Batman is the best Batman. I always say that Mask Of The Phantasm is my favourite Batman film when asked. I like the Burton ones, I don’t mind Batman Forever, and the Nolan ones are…okay, but yeah, MotP is the best.

    Are you wanting us to spam you with music here or on Twitter? Because even though I’m not in a band at all (which is probably for the best), I would love to pimp out my sister’s music (kd lang/Shawn Colvin-style acoustic singer-songwriter folk – Kirsty Venters Marks) and Scotland’s finest pop-punk monkeys who are very very good friends of mine – the excellent Taking Chase.

    But yeah, I will be listening a lot to this. 😀

    • Glad you liked the p! As for the bands, I checked a few tracks and couldnt find anything that leapt out at me as perfect for the podcast. Sorries.

      • Pfft, don’t worry about it, was a total long shot. Just listening to the second one now.

  6. You two have such a lovely chemistry. Are you ever going to do cross-overs in character? I mean, Omega could be some kind of longterm experiment in amnesia recovery under social isolation that the Mistress inflicted on a hapless minion, or something.

    If it’s not too personal, Diamanda: Did your parents not do Christmas as some sort of anti-religious protest? I’m asking because, coming from what is officially the least religious country in the world (the formerly socialist states of Germany – our believers are measured in single figures, compared to over 50% atheists of all ages, with the rest just not caring one way or the other) not celebrating Christmas in some form if you’ve young kids in the household just because you’re atheist seems odd to me. I mean, it’s called “sacred night” here, which is a bit more neutral, I guess. But still, people simply don’t care about the Christian basis. We mostly just do the pagan folk traditions and the food and presents, though there are still some vaguely christian-themed Christmas songs that are popular, like “Silent Night”. Well, my atheist parents made me listen to some nativity stories on tape until I was about 8, but that was because they considered Christian myth one of the foundations of western culture (just like Greco-Roman myth) and therefore a necessary part of my education. (There was no religious education in school.) Later on they let me watch the allegory about first menstruation– uh.. “The Last Unicorn” instead, because that was on TV every Christmas Eve. Or some Eastern Bloc production of Grimm’s fairy tales. Also, we may not have had much use for religion in the last 70 years, but we love our Christmas markets far too much to give them up.

    By the way, I don’t think the German traditions come from the Roman saturnalia. Rome never got very far when conquering the Germanic tribes, even though some of them hired themselves out as mercenaries or traded meterorite steel swords with them. We had our very own midwinter-slash-let’s-light-some-lights-to-drive-out-the-longest-night-slash-let’s-eat-up-what’s-left-of-the-harvest-before-it-spoils festivities. My ancestors weren’t cultureless before the Romans came, you know, not any less than you celts were. Germany isn’t as focussed on Yule traditions as the nordic countries ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yule ), but in my region we’re still doing “Julklapp” in schools and offices sometimes, which is a pre-christmas game of pulling a name from a sack and then secretly buy/make a small present for that person, which then goes into the sack and is distributed at the party.

    Also, maybe these versions of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” can help as an antidote to your trauma:

    (The first guy also likes to rag on NewWho in the form of some rather funny parodies, so you’ve got a kindred spirit there.)

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