Special Review- Dolla Morte

The trilogy of Bill Zebub reviews concludes with his best film. DOLLA MORTE!

Wanna know how Creature SH created the Hagan figure? Check here!



  1. I like the Zack Snyder bit. Let’s hope that Tom Strong adaptation never happens.

    • Indeed. As scripted it was supposed to be a Promethea movie he was opposed to but Teddy (who voiced Moore and Snyder) couldn’t pronounce it right heh.

  2. In full personal bias, this is clearly my favorite Hagan review in existence. 😉
    But even personal investment aside, it’s definitely one of the most memorable ones. And I’m still certain that you are the only reviewer who could have tackled this movie. Everybody else would probably simply not have known what to do with it.

    Also.. Thank you thank you thank you thank you for giving my silly little fanarty craft project such a big part in your work. It really means a lot to me!!! (Also thanks for the link up there, that is quite kind indeed)

  3. Lol, action league NOW!!!

  4. Wow… that was… something. I’m going to need a moment to… process this. To a point of understanding…ness. Also, so glad you know about Iron Sky, please make sure Ralph is aware it features Udo Kier as the Moon Fuhrer!

  5. Really fun video. The “have you gained some weight”-line made me laugh out loud.

    You should totally do something with Iron Sky, it’s a great movie. I don’t know if you could/should make a whole review of it but maybe use a clip or two.

    The BD clip was lovely too.

  6. I laughed at the “action figures are cheaper than humans” bit, because as a guy who has a friend who obsessively collects action figures, I can confidently tell you hiring a bunch of friends is MASSIVELY cheaper than action figures. Just the soldier action figure in this movie sells around $40 American. You could just give a friend $15 to buy himself a pizza and you’d still have change.

  7. Oh, and the impaled naked dolls made me have Cannibal Holocaust flashbacks. Thanks, Bill Zebub. Asshole.

  8. Where the hell do you find this stuff? I’m not being sarcastic. I legitimately want to know where you find this fragments of insanity you review.

  9. Nazis Without Aptitude! Yes!

  10. I didn’t know Varg Vikernes wrote an episode of Robot Chicken.

  11. Holy crap, someone else who’s heard of Action League Now (even though you said Action Force Now, it stills counts)!

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