Podcasts- Lesbian Talk ep02 (Vampire White Knights vs The MPAA)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! Its exclusive to Project Million Entertainment! We talk about… Lesbian stuff… like White Knighting and The MPAA….



  1. Like the first, the second episode was highly entertaining and lots of fun. You did go to places with the theme that I did not see coming.

    I’d like to note about white chocolate that while it really isn’t chocolate at all, I feel that it can stand on its own as tasty candystuff.

    Also very interesting that clergy is involved with the MPAA. It’s the same way with the equivalent FSK in Germany. They REALLY need to get their virgin-bloody fingers out of movie ratings. And everything else.

    By the way, I showed your first installment to a friend of mine, and he thinks that, with a show title like that, he would like there to be a little more of an LGBT focus. Don’t know how you feel about that, but I thought that forwarding it won’t hurt.

    • Entertaining, informative and charming as always, Hagan. Keep up they great work. By the way, retweeted the link, gotta get you those listeners!

    • How about resurrecting the idea you toyed with in your “Turkey Shoot” review but never had a chance to follow up on, the “dyke icons/dykons” tribute? You and Omega could have it as a weekly feature, and it could serve as a springboard for general discussion of LGBT characters in the media. Plus, you could pull an example from any genre, thus solving the dilemma of finding a movie within the catalog of films you normally review that features a notable lesbian icon.

  2. Oh, and Diamanda/Omega? The PG-13 rating didn’t exist until 1984, it was instituted for Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom, which was not violent enough for an R but enough that the Academy decided to create an intermediate rating. ET predates PG-13 by two years.

  3. Fun movie fact for you: Gone with the Wind broke some sort of law with the line “Frankly my dear U din;t give a damn’ As the word damn was not allowed to be put on screen. However the movie director didn’t want to compromise the power of that line by changing it so he willingly paid a rather large fine to allow it to remain unaltered.

    Also in the movie Psycho by Alfred Hitch cock the scene where the woman flushes the bits of paper down a toilet was also a first. Until that time no toilets were allowed to be shown on screen as they were considered vulgar. The writer wrote in flushing the paper just to see if they could get away with it.

    Also Episcopalian is protestant. Its the American version of the Anglican church better known as the church of England. It is also one of the more flexible branches of Christianity that I know of. Allowing women to not only be priest but have a shot at being Bishops. They not only recognize Gay marriages but will marry you in an official church service and all it entails. (There is even an openly gay Bishop who brings with partner with him on Sunday)

    Omega that story of the naked man in Barns and Noble was hilarious! And having worked retail myself all I can say is you have crap days meh days and the rare days where comedic gold happens.

    Last thing I really like the idea of an interview style take on a vampiric court. It would be really interesting to get an insight into that sort of situation. At the very least seeing the verbal and mind games in action would be entertaining.

    I admittedly don;t know much about Vampire the Masquerade as when it came out I was in elementary school but it sounds interesting.

    also feel free to use some of my fan art be mindful that they are for a work in progress though. its RandomArt01223 on Deviant art

  4. Actually, white chocolate is almost completely cocoa: it’s the cocoa bean oil that’s extracted from the beans in making coco powder, with sugar added.

    So it is real chocolate (unless you only count cocoa solids as chocolate as apposed to cocoa in general, I guess), it’s just pretty much the exact opposite of dark chocolate in how the bean is used.

    As vegetable oils go, it’s actually relatively good for you, but eating a lot of it is still the same thing as just drinking straight oil (cocoa oil is unusual in that it’s a solid at room temperature naturally), so it’s nothing strange that it would make you feel blurpy if you eat more than a little.

    That said, almost all the “white chocolate” you’ll find at the store isn’t cacao oil, but rather some other kind of veg oil that’s been hydrogenated solid and flavored. Real cocoa oil’s expensive, and companies like cutting corners everywhere they can get away with. So chances are that stuff that tasted like shortening… really was just shortening.

    If you want to try real white chocolate in the US, look for stuff that uses the specific exact phrase “white chocolate”. In the US “white chocolate” is actually a protected term, and can’t legally be used for stuff that isn’t made of actual cocoa oil, but the companies that make the fake stuff are VERY good at arranging the words on the packadge so that you’d swear you read “white chocolate” if you weren’t paying attention. Once you really start looking, you’ll be surprised just how much “white chocolate” is actually “white confection” or “white baking chips” or some such bollox.

    It is still just sweetened veg oil, so it probably will still make you feel uncomfortable if you eat more than a little bit. A specific kind of veg oil, but still.

    • Hey I did not know that about white chocolate. i always thought it was like flavoured fat or the like.I need to go to the store now and that… :p

      Also Diamanda and Omega, this is quickly becoming my favorite podcast!

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