Nanowar music video

I directed this music video about 6 months before I started the reviews. The band is ‘Nanowar of Steel’ and the song is ‘Nanowar’ Check out the rest of their stuff- WWW.NANOWAR.IT



  1. First off: Kickass video. I think you really captured what this Nanowar is all about in the style of this video and it is fun to watch the entire way through.

    That said, it’s really interesting to see a few early versions of elements that would later become Hagan tropes – Primarily the way you use post-processing to create visual interest where a higher budget would have enabled more elaborate tricks, but also in the marriage of violence and silliness.
    Also, am I crazy, or did I spot a Sam Raimi style shot in there?

    • Yeah def feeling of Proto-Hagan there. Even down to how I’m dressed (And the lead singer borrowed a coat of mine that was used in Hagan)

      For this I had access to pro-level camera and editing system. Had some lights and a couple of trained people for crew. It looks better than its budget (300 Euros) and I’d love the chance to do something bigger again some time.

      As for a Sam Raimi shot? Yup. Very yup.

  2. Unexpected Dalek is Unexpected!

    Wow. That ruled.

    Anyways, I just recently started following your reviews, and I just wanted to let you know you’re pretty much my new hero.

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