Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode3 (Magfest Globsters)

Diamanda Hagan and the Omega Geek recollect the tiring events of MAGFest 2013.



  1. Hey, Omega sounds smaller when she’s sick. Weird!

    Sounds a lot like Magfest was well worth the trip.. But that comes as no surprise. But was there really no official footager for the “Reviewing the worst of the worst” panel? Say it ain’t so! I’ve been waiting like spider for that one to hit the web.

    Also, am I crazy, or were you drumming the intro to “Am I Evil” when you drum-rolled the dictionary part?

  2. Pharos was a wonder of the ancient world it was a huge light house build on an island in the bay of ancient Alexandria. The light was seen miles out to see due to a cleaver use of a very large fire and large metal mirrors. Over time it fell apart. Archaeologist believe that what was left of it was dismantled and used to build a fort.


    • And I jumped the gun and wrote this after pausing the show only to find after posting it that Hagan said nearly the exact same thing moments later >.>

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