Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode4 (The Doctors Lighthouse)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! Its exclusive to Project Million Entertainment! We talk about… Lesbian stuff… like the Doctor and Lighthouses…



  1. The Ninth Doctor can’t be intelligent because of the way he dresses? Wow, Omega, I think your classism is showing.

    That he is a hero who solves his problem in intelligent ways and holds a positition of authority while presenting as working class with a ‘hooligan’ outfit and a non-RP accent was exactly the point the creators wanted to make. They were annoyed with the relentlessly elitist upper middle class presentation of the classic show which a lot of underprivileged kids couldn’t relate to. Of course, this goal of class inclusiveness fell by the wayside with the Tenth Doctor again. But originally they meant well.

  2. It’s more than his clothes, it’s his whole overall attitude. That episode was meant to introduce the viewer to the new Doctor and enamor them. It didn’t. Also, I have no problem with his accent, just that he seems like he fits better in a Jason Bourne movie than an episode of Doctor Who.

    And watch who you call classist.

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