Vlog- Django Unchained

Hagan, Arnikarian the Minion and special guest Cyfur watched Django Unchained and decided to steal Brad and friends shtick.

Cyfur is the one who wrote Stalking is Love’ The Hagan Porno that Aleister read here. He’s a big name in the Hagan (and Channel Awesome) fan community and a damn good guy.



  1. Don Johnson played ‘Big Daddy,’ the plantation owner who was the leader of the klansmen who got sniped (or snipered) by Django while on the horse after the tooth cart got blown up.

  2. Cyfur looks like Ellen Page with a much better hair. And the man who asks Django’s Name while drinking was the original Django 🙂

  3. This one hell of an entertaining vlog filled with things said that are so, soooo wrong. That’s probably largely why it was so entertaining, granted…

  4. Cyfur was and still is cute…. And that´s all I have to say about this VLOG.

  5. Good review but if you kill off all the straight people the population dies no straights no babies well except for bisexuals I guess not sure where they fit in

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