Special Review- Naked Killer

Hagans 69th episode special! A classic example of early 90’s ‘Woman-with-an-obsession-for-cutting-up-mens-groins-battling-evil-lesbian-assassins!’ Its a bit of niche genre.



  1. Damn – Every time I think I know what to expect, you left-field the whole damn thing!

    I have to admit that the dub gimmick took me a moment to adjust to, but I was entirely on board again by the time that the video game audioswap happened. Probably my favorite part of the review, by the way, because it was so perfect. And the little dubbed noise in the panda bit was so wonderfully in line with bad dubs that it was hilarious.

    I also like the cock-eating (funny how that cropped up in a movie about lesbian killers) running gag, because you took something that was entirely unfunny comedy in the movie and worked it until it actually became funny.
    And how in hell did you come up with the third choice in the “men are useless” montage? How does something so brilliantly random happen?

    And, lest I forget – The footage from the new filming location does indeed look gorgeous. I’m looking forward to Season 5 more than ever now!

  2. It’s so weird watching a Diamanda Hagan review and not hearing your voice. Still pretty funny though. It’s stuff like this that really lets the writing shine through.

  3. It is kind of strange hearing omega say some of Hagan’s dialog, but definitely funny. I love both of your reviews but you have very different styles. Just wondering what is your wife’s normal speaking voice. Is it the one she uses in reviews or the smother one she occasionally douse in voiceovers.

    I like Wong Jing and he has had several better movies then this like Future Cops (I began paying closer attention to descriptions more after I rented Naked Killer). He also has some that would be good material for your show. Have you ever seen his Sex and Zen movies?

    Also why did you pick Hope Chapman with a painted on beard for the men are useless montage. Did you originally want Nash or is she trying to look like a very unconvincing drag king

    • Omegas real voice can be heard in the Lesbian Talk podcast we do together (Available on this very website!)

      Iv been meaning to see more of Wong Jins movies, from what i hear they could make amazing reviews!

      For the ‘Yes, I’m stupid’ bit I toyed with a few different ideas. From the very basic and not very funny- Just a bunch of guy reviewers saying it. To the funny and bizarre- Getting a bunch of women reviewers in fake beards saying it. Settled on the one I have because I thought it’d be funniest of all. Welshy and Leon are the setup and Jesu is the unexpected punchline.

      • And yet Aleister did not cameo. More’s the pity.

  4. That’s Omega? For a second I thought it was Tara Strong as Timmy Turner. Loved the dubbing. Very amusing.

  5. This review was great! I need to start commenting on these videos since you’ve definitely become one of my favorite reviewers. I love how your selection is all over the place instead of just one genre.

  6. I thought the dub thing would get annoying, and I was wrong, that was hilarious! Also I love the cameo from mirror universe Jesuotaku pretending to be a man, that was unexpected.

    • Random Jesu Otaku makes everything better!

  7. Beretta 93R can shoot bursts…

  8. Awesome stop-motion opening! That was stop-motion, right?

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