Special Review- Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead

First of 3 Magfest crossovers. Hagan and JewWario watch Tromas Masterpiece! The greatest zombie chicken movie EVER made!



  1. This review was a lot of fun and just got better as it went along. And it’s kind fitting that you brought a “Anything can happen” feel into the review of a Troma movie that operated under a similar principle.

  2. How is it that there are more than 1 zombie chicken movies?

  3. Shame you two only get together at Magfest, you both work off each other amazingly. Also while I prefer the real thing Not Brad Jones was pretty cool too.

  4. Just wondering who is that dancing behind Lupa. Is it your Photoshop girl Kitsunique?

  5. That crying natvie looks like Susan Calman.

  6. the length of Jew Wario’s kilt sure was distracting, I’m guessing there are some bloopers from this that prove he is jewish

  7. a. Wendy Looks like the goddess from Dorkness Rising. It’s not the same person, but I couldn’t help thinking about it.

    b. I was eating fast food when I watched this.

    c. You’re very good at directing other people. You managed to give people comical aspects they don’t show in their own videos.

    d. Did you consider using this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ9M7bsx10I&feature=youtu.be&t=5s

  8. That car flip/explosion is used in pretty much every Troma film these days. It was also what killed the French guys in Terror Firmer.

    • I know, I shoulda done another line there. Like he stole that shot from Sgt Kabukiman! and Tromeo and Juliet! and Terror Firmer! and its not out yet but will probably be in Return to Class of Nuke’ em High!

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