Special Review- God of Vampires

In the 2nd of 3 MAGFest crossovers Obscurus Lupa and Hagan watch God of Vampires.



  1. As I had inexplicably anticipated, a great review! The minion run was a great bit, and I quite enjoyed the splitscreen gag, as well. And it is always fun to see Hagan interact with another reviewer.

  2. Who’s the least popular comedian in the UK?

  3. Ooh, can’t wait for the next review!

  4. Two of my favorites join forces and hilarity ensues. Sounds like this movie had a half decent soundtrack to it too. Loved the VtM jokes and few reviewers would get in a jab involving Chthonic.

  5. I believe “Ng” is pronounced “throatwarblermangrove”.

    ‘K, I’ll stop that now.

    I feel like like large tracts of the dialog really should’ve been in subtitled Chinese, and it feels very weird (and cheap) that they aren’t. The head Vampire’s dialog for certain, at least. But I guess that would’ve messed with the whole “shit” vibe they were going for.

    Also, on the whole, the director could’ve saved himself a lot of bother simply by realizing that “Big Trouble in Little China” already exists.

  6. Hagan and Lupa? Together? Awesome was inevitable.
    I think you two work well together and hope you do more in the future.

  7. Hagan, it’s pronounced “əng”. It’s romanised as “Ng” because the schwa isn’t actually a letter in English. Which is kind of stupid, because the “neutral” vowel-sound is the most common one, but whatever.

  8. Also am I the only one who thought quite a bit of the makeup belonged in a Fulci flick?

  9. I loved the Vampire: the Masquerade: Bloodlines references! (I’ll include using Chaism- Isolated, since it was probably the most memorable song off the soundtrack).

    A lot of great references, some really nice jokes and some great riffs.

    I’d say it’s some of your best work, right up there with your Urban Gothic reviews and troma movie reviews. I think it might be your best crossover but they’re all so good it’s hard to say.

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