Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode9 (Welcome to the Communist Library)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! Its exclusive to Project Million Entertainment! We talk about… Lesbian stuff… like communism… and libraries…

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  1. There was a study that showed fenugreek seeds (the oils, specifically) to have an elevating effect on male sex drive & response, though that was a sort of general over time effect, not something immediate or short term like the normal concept of aphrodisiacs.

    Celery, specifically the small of celery has been shown to slightly increase the perceived attractiveness of a partner or potential partner to women, similar to sex pheromones. Human response to pheromones is very slight and unreliable outside of lab conditions though (in that they don’t link to the specific person perceptually, so a less attractive but pheromone-strong guy standing near a more attractive guy is actually helping the more attractive guy rather than himself). We’re just plain not built around smell the way so many other animals are.

    Pretty much anything that elevates testosterone levels increases sex drive and sexual response in both sexes. It doesn’t even have to be much: a woman doesn’t have to be a full on bodybuilder or steroid abuser to get the effect, a general high-level of athleticism is enough, whether that means tennis or running or whatever.

    Those are the closest things to real scientifically verified aphrodisiacs I know of, but nothing that really that fits what people would consider an actual aphrodisiac in the common sense of a dramatic, fast acting, short term effect. I think an aphrodisiac like that is probably plausible, but would be something that’d come out of serious pharmaceutical R&D, not something that already exists in a known natural product.

    The potential for date-rapey abuse and legal complications in a real aphrodisiac are really kind of freaky and not something that people usually think about, I suspect. I’m kind of glad there are no known real ones (yet).

    The arguments about homosexuality being unnatural seem really odd to me, because the core of that idea is invariably that homosexuality is some kind of serious a reproductive disadvantage, but I rarely ever hear/see people rebut that head on. Instead rebuttals tend to tangent to the fact it occurs in animals other than humans.

    I feel like the fact that homosexuals actually have had no problem having kids (aside from the need to be covert) is an elephant in the room. Their social arrangements for having kids are different than hetero ones, but they still make such arrangements readily and always have done. This is even true of (non-human) animals as well.

    Maybe that gets brought up more than I know. I’m kind of on the periphery of the debate rather than in the thick of it like you guys. It just seems like it never gets mentioned in any of the debates/arguments I’ve seen.

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