Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode10 (Ganesh loves Wizards)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! Its exclusive to Project Million Entertainment! We talk about… Lesbian stuff… like Ganesh loving… wizards



  1. As a swede, I approve of your pronunciation of skål! Honestly it was very accurate.

    great episode. 🙂

  2. I think the author Omega was trying to remember might be Richard Sharpe Shaver. He an author who wrote a long series of Hollow Earth “stories” collectively referred to as “The Shaver Mystery” that were published in a major pulp-sci-fi magazine in the1940s. “Stories” is in quotes because apparently he was delusional (maybe schizophrenic, I’m not sure), and believed he was writing about actual experiences he’d had, rather than the fantasy fiction it was published as.

  3. Or she could have been thinking about ERB…

    A Lisa Riley, not the Emmerdale star worked on time-travel Alamo drafthouse romance For the Sake of Time, with Todd Cronin (not the WB animator),Kenneth McDade, Michael Hinson, Jordan McLemore and Lauren Devore.
    McLemore played Brit Bohn in the Trouble with Charlie, by my friend George Anton’s friend Dorian Louis.
    Riley was also in Two Trains Running, some TV One shows and Dixieland with Riley Keough.

    A Ryan Farley worked for Justified, David Blaine, my friend Peter Kane’s friend John Hoehn’s Jonathan Delgado Must be Stopped, and the Jane Games with my friend Daniel Hendricks Simon’s pal Lori Kee, Elizabeth Devlin, Nora Gustuson
    Two Ryan Delgados – one in James Watkins/At Last’s My Bookstore with CIndy Raphael of Jorge Garcia’s post Lost Lummox/Netflix and chill, the other in Viral with Shawn C Hansen of The Blackest Days (2012) with my friend Dawna Heising’s pal Paige Lauren Billiot, Yvonne Silva and Korea Black, Artifice (2016) and Daybreak: Zig Zag Road (2016) with pulp spoofist Blake Bard (GUided MIssiles, Hodgepodge, Meat Kamp, COlor Congruity http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5707090/)

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