Vlog Review- Mama

Yeah it opened in America a long time but its out now over here. Hagan and Arnikarian the minion watched Mama and proceed to steal Brad and friends shtick.



  1. I really enjoy the rapport between you two, even (or especially when) it comes down to staring in mildly agitated, confused silence at what the other one just said.

    I did crack up at the part that was just a dream and the impressions, too. Also, I totally got that Dinosaurs reference in the Poultrygeist review, I promise!

    Oh, by the way, you forgot to put that link here. :p

  2. How in the WORLD did no one get the Dinosaurs reference!?

    That show was a very strange chapter in my childhood–you do not forget about it.

    • i vaguely remember the show because it was so strange, and the last few episodes were really dark and kind of tragic. ( but what do you expect with dinosaurs just before such a huge event?)

      Does anyone remember the Song the baby dinosaur use to sing?

  3. I got the dinosaurs reference.

    I am also growing weary of the whole “indiscriminately crank up the shutter speed and slap on a couple filters” look. I saw it in a comedy this weekend of all places. Does everybody need to make Se7en?

  4. ^.^ Finally!
    someone who understands Why Return to oz is so good!
    Thank you…. you are fantastic.

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