Fan Art- Hagan and Aleister kissing by Darklinkthe2nd

Hagan and Aleister

So I was contacted by Darklinkthe2nd about a special bit of fanart because it was my birthday recently. I suggested Aleister and Hagan as a couple because it’d hopefully disturb some people.

Thanks to Darklinkthe2nd and you can see their stuff here!

So… has it disturbed anyone?


  1. #Cannonstroking =P

  2. Yeah, I don’t know about anybody else, but it did make me go “ohgodwhy”. Which is exactly why, aptly enough.
    Beyond that, it’s pretty amazing artwork. Would look good as a print on that fancy litho paper.

  3. Honestly? After seeing some of the stuff the Twilight fandom comes up with, nothing shocks me anymore.

    Nice shading on Aleister’s sleeves though.

    (And Happy Birthday!)

  4. Disturbed? No.
    Confused? Mildly.

  5. So, since you’re both the same person-and thus *technically* related by blood-would this count as masturbation or incest?
    Or am I just fucked in the head?

  6. I ship it.

  7. Given that (I think) Alester is male, and you are naturally female playing him, I can’t tell if this is straight, gay, or masturbation. Either way if I’m remembering your reviews right, this kind of happened on the show already, only that was more…rapey.

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