Special Review- The Island of Doctor Moreau

The third MAGFest crossover.

If The Island of Doctor Moreau review is blocked then CLICK HERE!

And a video all about the backstory to the movie.



  1. 1. Critical Marine running like a little girl
    2. Scifi, Cin, and Apollo watching paint dry
    3 “I want to go to dog heaven” ; “Burt Reynolds is there, it’s shit”
    4 Random naked J-Dub
    5 Oancitizen 19:47

  2. This one was predisposed to become one of the best and most entertaining Hagan reviews, and it answered the calling brilliantly. In its entire, monumental runtime, it keeps its steam and brings the laughs without wavering.

    Upon reflecting on it a little more, I realize that this could easily have become uncomfortably self-indulgent or overly gimmicky, but you’ve managed to take full advantage of the setup without ever crossing that line. Must have taken some restraint in the writing process. Also, there are so many little, effective touches like the variety of silly poses, the cut-stuff-into-the-intro bit or the lighting effect for the curtains gag.

    And personally, I enjoyed this one particularly because it happened to hit home for me directly in a lot of ways.Not only is it a movie that I watched in my formative years, when it was still recent, and was utterly perplexed by, but a lot of the side-gags and bits of trivia thrown in spoke precisely to my range of interests. So yeah, definitely very much one of my favorite reviews!

  3. Okay, I have to know, because I haven’t seen this movie: Is the Ghostbusters theme the actual audio for that scene?

    That was glorious. Well done, all of you. I kind of want a gif of 43:10, with Hagan Prime basking in the clapping of the other three.

    • I added it 😀 There will be an alternate version of the review with MORE ghostbusters.

  4. There’s another Island of Doctor Moreau ripoff movie called The Twilight People.
    I haven’t found a copy yet, but it’s from 1972 and blaxploitation queen Pam Grier plays the panther woman!

    • Holy crap! Adding to my watch list! Thanks! There’s also Charles Bands ‘Doctor Moreaus House of Pain’ which is a unofficial sequel to the story.

      • I found the complete movie on YouTube!

  5. I think you slipped an image of you lot on the bed into the movie’s intro scene….I really think you.

    • More than 1. (paraphrasing) ‘I could insert clips of anything into this and you’d never notice. Which is good because Iv been doing that for a while now’

  6. Well now my mind is made entirely of fuck.

  7. The Pope Song came on and I nearly choked to death on my own laughter.

  8. The Critical Marine sure can scream like a girl…but then he IS a Marine…8)

  9. Late to the party but, just to say, you fucking win internet reviewing. It’s over.

  10. Fantastic review. I will be watching it for months to come.

    I also feel the need to add that, as a fan of the original book, can anyone who plans to make another Dr. Moreau movie please NOT add a female love interest. (Or a male love interest, though it would be more unique and I’d probably think it was hot.)

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