Demons Reviews episode 3 ‘Saving Grace’

Hagan takes an episode by episode look at ITVs Demons. Its not quite as bad as Bonekickers… usually.



  1. That show.. Oh man, that show. “Demons” is one possible title, but they really should have gone with “The Hypocrisy Hour” or maybe “Super Fascist Bros”.

    Good thing that you are doing such a succinct job in tearing it apart – Otherwise, I just couldn’t believe it.

  2. It’s actually pretty ironic that the bad guy is called Mr. Tibbs. That was also the name of the protagonist in the film “The Heat Of The Night” a film that took place in the early 60s, about a black cop in the deep south. The main theme of the film was racism. The actor who played him was also well known for the many films he did which revolved around discrimination. I cant help but wonder weather the writers thought of him when they made this. Considering that the protagonists in this are the racists, it almost seems fitting.

  3. Jeeeeez. So many plot holes, you have to wonder if they’re doing it on purpose. Also, what the hell is “net ball?” (I’m American, for the record.)

    • Net Ball is a sport played by girls primarilly in the UK. Its basically Basketball without the dribbling.

      • Oookay. I was thinking maybe basketball, but that seemed too easy. Anyway, I guess I just proved your point. (That, or I need to get out more…)

  4. “Steampunk skaven” Aren’t all skaven steampunk, or does warpstonepunk count as a thing?

  5. I’m a little confused by this show. Was it supposed to air pre or post watershed?

    I ask because it seems like on the one hand it wants to be all “adult” and “edgy” (apparently without the brains or maturity to back that up, unfortunately), but at the same time the villains seem to be designed to be whimsical at the cost of being threatening. They’ve got that same thing going on that bad new-Who creatures do, where it’s like whoever created them was thinking “we gotta remember this is for kids, so don’t make it TOO scary… and make it a little cartoony too, kids like stuff better when it’s cartoony”.

  6. So, was the mole-rat guy supposed to look like he had Down’s Syndrome, or was that just an accident?

  7. I must say, if there is one thing I really love about your videos it is your choice in music. I really wish that one of these days you would make a video recommending different bands and artists.

    • Aw thanks 🙂 I dunno how much Id have to say on the subject. Mostly I go through my music collection for stuff that I feel fits. For the replacement themes for Demons I raided my Industrial and Goth stuff. Now choosing themes for review shows or end cred music for movie reviews, that can take a while!

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