Lazer Ghosts 2 (Nanoviews)

A Nanoview is a short movie review that’s less character based and has less spoilers. Movies covered will USUALLY be ones I bought as possible full reviews but decided against. Lazer Ghosts 2 is owned by Astron-6.

Title Art by



  1. It’s amazing how you manage to sum up the entire runtime of the movie in just a few short minutes!

  2. This movie needs to happen now. Also I shall get my paws on Manborg when it comes out in region 1.

  3. There aren’t words to describe how bummed I am about this movie not existing. I looks exactly like the kind of terrible movie I’d LOVE.

    • I wish it existed too. We could make a drinking game out of every time somebody says “Laser”, “ghost”, or “Einstein”

  4. Ahhhh, jeeez! I want this to be real now! Thanks for spoiling the joke, because I definitely wouldn’t have gotten it.

  5. Publishing an April’s fools video almost a week before April’s fools so we don’t see it coming… clever girl.

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