Twatty Who review- Doctor Loo and the Phaleks


Hagan unrestrained fannish Id is aimed at some of the worst episodes of Doctor Who. This time Doctor Loo and the Phaleks.



  1. Frightful

    Good review though

  2. Brilliant. Just… brilliant.

    Also, is it just me, or did the Doctor in this film actually bear a strong resemblance to Billie Piper? Did you get this from some weird parallel universe where New Who and Secret Diary of a Call Girl were the same show?

    • I agree. I thought she was going to be playing a Rose knock off when I first saw her.

    • Yes I thought so too. Deliberate?

      • Unlikely, Im pretty sure Phaleks pre-dates the new show.

      • Now now, Diamanda. Don’t forget that time is a big ball of wibbly-wobbly.

  3. Great goodness, that episode of Who is strange. It’s eerily reminiscent of another genre.. uh… what was it again… you know, low production values, often shot on video, directly marketed to a niche audience… Oh, right – Internet reviews.

    Speaking of, this one was fun!

  4. “There’s something wrong with these Daleks. Maybe it’s how they scuttle about while having their dildos sucked.” Yeah I think that might be it. I was wondering if you would ever cover this after you mentioned it in… something I can’t remember. Anyway, this was really funny.

  5. Oh, Great God if Whatthefuckery!! I fell off my chair laughing the moment the Phaleks appeared!!

  6. Much more tasteful than that other Doctor Who porno where a middle-aged man got shoved into a Dalek’s orifice by pig men while Spider Man watched. Award for restraint goes to Doctor Loo.

  7. “…the first person to include oral-sex in Dr Who was Russel T Davies”
    Did you just reference Love and Monsters?
    If so, bravo.

    • Actually I wasn’t. I was talking about ‘Damaged Goods’ a 7th Doctor novel he write in the 90s!

  8. Thought you might get a laugh from this one!

  9. So how does a lesbian woman end up watching so much male gay and straight porn?

    • Very easily.

      • I think you have something in common with Oancitizen there. I think if Hagan was a renegade Time Lord then he would be your companion.

  10. Hey, that’s hilarious. I always thought Alicia Rhodes looked a lot like Billie Piper myself. Probably why I enjoyed her “work” so much.

  11. Eh…better then End of Time. The source material, not the review, the End of Time review was awesome. So awesome that I was disappointed that this didn’t have a scene with Rassilon shooting lightning out of his cock.

  12. ‘A time when the Doctor body swapped with Davros’. Yay! Another Curse of Davros fan. Or at least I’m assuming you’re a fan of it since it gave us Colin Baker as Davros (and Terry Molloy as the Sixth Doctor) and it was just as glorious as you’d expect.

  13. Have you seen Abducted by the Daleks yet, aka “Daleks molest East European strippers to unlicensed Pink Floyd songs” and that actually got its makers sued by the BBC?

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