Vlog- GI Joe Retaliation

Hagan and Arnikarian the Minion saw GI Joe Retaliation and proceeded to steal Brad and Friends shtik.


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  1. That was a fun vlog! The solarisation effect threw me off at first, but then it became a game of “spot the moment when it looks really cool”. Also, it indicates out that strawberry blonde might not be a bad look for she-who-is-Hagan.

    The earliest bit of it turned out kind of like an argument between EGO and ID. Or, to use a less outdated concept, between the rational “adult” part of one’s mind and its nostalgic counterpart.

    Weirdly enough, I still don’t know if I would enjoy this movie. I like the accuracy, but I never saw the show as a kid (I don’t think that it was on over here), so the nostalgic factor might be a miss for me.
    On the side – One thing that bugs me about the opening of the animated movie is the part that goes “Crashing through the sky / Comes a fearful cry”. It should be “fearsome”! FearSOME! If it’s fearful, that means that THEY are afraid. Then again, it IS Cobra and that would make perfect sense.

    Also, I have to say that Arnikarian won this voice-off. That Doctor Claw was much closer than Cobra Commander.

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