Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode14 (Raptured in Thailand for Lying to Strangers)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! Its exclusive to Project Million Entertainment! We talk about… Lesbian stuff… Thailand and lying to strangers.


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  1. See, in the version of “Stone Soup” I had read to me as a kid, it was just a wandering homeless dude tricking a single old lady into providing more ingredients for the soup. In fact, he doesn’t even make it himself, he has her do all the work and prepare the ingredients while he just sits back like a prick and watches. So the moral I took away from the story was that if you feed a line of bullshit to someone, you can take them for all they’re worth.

    That, or just not to trust homeless people. Either way, it struck me as kind of an awful story to tell young children.

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