Demons Reviews episode 4 ‘Suckers’

Hagan takes an episode by episode look at ITVs Demons. Its not quite as bad as Bonekickers… usually.



  1. Great shitness, it really takes repeated viewings to keep up with the massive amounts of logic and ethtics failure in that show, even after you have summmed it up. Lesson to burgeoning TV writers: If you’re going to be clever about your spin on monster myths, check to make sure that you aren’t actually really stupid first.

    Aaaaaaaaaanyway, enjoyable review! I like that “What do I know? I know ____” has become a bit of a running gag.

  2. Calling it, Glenister is a Mephistopheles-like Archdevil who’s trying to overthrow Satan and rule the legions of Hell for himself. He found an unsuspecting dupe, fabricated fake VHS and Photoshops, and gave him marginal slayer powers so he would have a human patsy to get rid off all the competition for him.

  3. I keep forgetting what this show’s premise is between postings of the review series–that’s how bland this show is.

  4. I just wanna say love the running gag of swapping the show’s title theme with something different each time. It’s a great little taunting way of hammering your dig in ep 1 at the show’s native title music without actually repeating it.

  5. You should show this show to Maven, its almost Twilight bad.

  6. Egads, that stuff’s confusing. Kudos to you for at least attempting to make sense of the logic-fail. Vampires not getting the dignity they deserve make me sad.

  7. duh..

    a vampire can kill a vampire (which is undead, but dead at the same time)
    but if they bring the undead-dead back to life (eg, you make the vampire human again) then human cann kill them, because the vampire is not a vampire animore but human.


    a can kill only a
    b can only kill b

    if b wants to kill a, he cant. so what should he do?

    he could become a
    or he could get b to become a 😉

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