Special Review- 13th Child: Legend of the Jersey Devil

New Jersey is welcome to this movie.

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  1. Not only a fun review, but also a a joy to see you two interact in character again.

    Also, I dare and challenge anyone to sit through the Wank Club segment with a straight face. Cannot be done.

  2. Oh, and here I was thinking that the title meant that they were actually following the beast’ legend, but clearly I am a moron for thinking that.

  3. This whole review, one question rocks my mind….

    What the hell is Benson doing there?

  4. Were they trying to pass off a paint pistol as a real gun?

  5. A pet peeve of mine in movies is using tarantulas for your scary evil death spiders. I’m limitlessly freaked out/fascinated by spiders so I know tarantulas harmless and I hope most people know that also.

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