Special Review- Shogun Assassin

Ready for some vintage bastardisation of a 70s samurai classic?



  1. A rather strong review, especially when keeping eyes and ears open and watching for the little things. Also for fans of bright-red fake blood.

  2. Eisenstein reference?


    OTOH, is it really that hard to make realistic blood bags? Come on, thats tomato sauce right there.

    Where was that body part removal dialogue from?

    • Body part dialog is from “The Princess Bride”.

      It wasn’t until the late 70s that more realistic fake blood recipes started to get developed/circulated (IIRC I think FX artist Dick Smith gets credit for a lot of that). I suspect that the boom in gory horror films In the 70s may have expanded the envelope for what was acceptable, facilitating more R&D and the dissemination of better recipes.

      Asian film inherits a lot of OTT stylization from Asian theater traditions (you can see it a lot in the performances), so It wouldn’t surprise me if the arterial jet-spay type effects came out of that. Gore in western cinema of the same period tends to be more drippy-splashy.

  3. Just when I couldn’t be a big enough fan you have to work Queen and Slayer into an episode. When I grow up I’m moving to Haganistan.

  4. @6:10 Man, it’s a good thing that wall was Scotchgarded.

  5. Sweet ninja killing goodness. I’m curious though, why is this a “Special Review”? Normally your special reviews are crossovers, have some interesting gimmick, or are part of a series. Are you going to do the sequels next?

    • A Special review is a review outside of a season. Usually there’s a couple between seasons and any extra episodes I throw in during a season are Special reviews. Unfortunately the delay between season4 and 5 is much longer than usual (because of non-review stuff)

    • Am I doing he sequels next? No. We’re coming to the end of the between seasons special reviews and s5 will be starting after 2 more reviews.

  6. I must say that I am very distressed that there is all of this brutal nasty killing going on and Traygard is not present to exclaim “Oooooh Nasty…..”

  7. I’m almost afraid to admit to having seen this in the theater while in basic training many many years ago. And all I remember of it was the spinning circus act of female ninja’s, and throwing up cause I was drunk and suffered motion sickness from it.
    Ahh happy memories from the Mistress.

  8. Does anyone else think that the Shogun looks kinda like a blond monkey?

  9. Ok, this has been bothering me for awhile. The plural of Ninja is Ninja, as shown by the child in the movie properly referring to them as Ninja. Granted its something you have to do specific research on to realize but its incorrect to say Ninja’s, and makes people that know better contort their faces in agony.

  10. If “still a better love story than Twilight” isn’t officially a meme now, it really should be.

    Nicely done as usual, Mistress. (Late comment, I know.)

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