Special Review- Pulgasari

It had to happen. Hagan takes on the North Korean Godzilla.



  1. Wonderful review! I particularly liked some of the audio swaps and the swift jabs at North Korea.
    You’d think, though, that a monster made from rice, dirt and blood would be a little less generic…

  2. Actually this reminds me more of the Daimajin trilogy from Japan.

  3. I got to see Pulgasari back in college, it always amused me how they were trying to use the monster as a metaphor for communism, helping the workers rise up and overthrow their oppressive overlords and such, but didn’t quite get how it turned into a metaphor for Stalinism instead, with the needs of the leader suddenly being more important than the needs of the group, thus the monster must be put down. Still, it fills and interesting niche between Godzilla, with the monster representing the threat of nuclear proliferation, and Gorgo, with the monster representing… Ireland.

  4. But where is ace reporter Steve Martin? Without him crow-barred in to every single tragedy by making a sad face I can’t take a monster movie seriously.

    Also, it may not be relevant but did you know that Gamera is friend to dear leader? Well, he isn’t yet, but photoshop keeps crashing.

  5. I have to say, on a technical angle, this film does an impressive job…illustrating a successful combined-arms military operation, utilizing Daikaiju.

    Most movies just focus on the times where the monster goes berserk BEFORE this is attempted—a terribly biased shortcoming on Hollywood’s part; like if most war movies had the guns blow up (or mutate and start eating people) halfway through.

    Thus, as an armchair strategist, I have to hand it to Pulgasari—for a bold creative decision, and certainly a devoted production military adviser*! Two skulls up!

    (Or possibly a script zampolit left with dementia from protein deficiency and/or Kuru. Either way.)

  6. I love your stuff and this is no exception but from your past work I feel like there’s less enthusiasm. that, or you’ve become more passively evil, which in that case I grant you kudos.

    • Its def something I’v been doing. Im trying to get Hagan more cold and jaded. She’s done it all and seen it all. Whether this is a good or bad thing is something to debate though heh.

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