Special Review- Last House on Dead End Street

Hagan watches an infamous piece of 70s sleaze.



  1. Well, this is a pretty strong – and cruel – way to segue into a hiatus, seeing as it is a very strong and funny review that employs a lot of things that make Hagan reviews stand out so much! (That is cruel because it makes me want to see more, and soon)

    Of course, I love the gag where the various Hagans continue their rivalry and the minion bits are amazing – particularly the one that took putting everyone’s bodies on the line.

    The cameos where well placed and the callbacks and foreshadowing were excellent. *sigh*

    Now the wait begins. Good thing that it won’t be a time entirely void of Hagan presence online!

  2. Great review of this movie! I’d say this ties with the Midnight Confessions review for my favorite.

  3. You’re reviewing Where the Dead go to Die?. I just saw an hour of it this afternoon, and thought to myself that it seemed like Hagan review material.

  4. Man, this movie looks so disappointing considering its reputation. In fact, is there any Video Nasty that isn’t an utter disappointment? Well, I seem to remember Evil Dead was considered one… but aside from this one?

    Also, I thought the Zardoz joke would never come! But as often with Diamanda Hagan, it came when I least expected it.

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