Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode25 (Lets Speak Cat Together)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! Its exclusive to Project Million Entertainment! We talk about… Lesbian stuff like speaking to cats!


Vlog- World War Z

Omega and Hagan saw World War Z.

You Probably Shouldn’t Cook This- Breakfast Pizza

Omega nad I have once again taken a culinary blind leap!

The Liars Guide to Derry

A completely accurate documentary about Derry, Northern Ireland.

Vlog- Twilight Marathon epilogue: Twinklight

Hagan, Arnikarian and Cy the Writer of Hagan porn ran out of Twilight and several days later decided to watch Twinklight (The gay Twilight porno)

Vlog- Twilight Marathon pt5 : Breaking Dawn pt2

Hagan, Arnikarian and Cy the Writer of Hagan porn attempt to watch all the Twilight movies in a single sitting. Will they succeed?

Vlog- Man of Steel

Me and Omega saw Man of Steel. And weren’t too impressed.