Cameos- Count Jackulas Misogyny in Horror pt2

Im one of many who appear in the 2nd part of Count Jackulas look at Misogyny in Horror.



  1. Where’s part One?

  2. what I love about you and brad not are you both charismatic and entertaining you are so knowledgeable. i want to thank you for introducing me to count jackulas. but that was one insightful video.
    wasn’t expecting to get a college course credit on “i spit on your grave”
    misogyny, Madonna-whore complex, and Kali on top of that have tori amos a rape victim herself playing in the background. and finish off with yeastie girlz, “you suck.” thnx and hope you 3 didn’t die of alcohol
    poisoning after watching all the breaking dawn movies.

    • Glad you enjoyed Jacks stuff. He really is a gem. As for Twilight we not only survived but went back a couple days later to watch a SIXTH film as an epilogue. The rest of the marathon should be going up in the next week or so.

  3. Thank you for sharing Count Jackula with us. That was amazingly insightful and I shall spread it around as much as I’m able.

    Your cameo was wonderful, and it actually got me wondering: you have Lesbian Talk, have you ever considered making a multipart series analysing misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and lesbian exploitation in horror? I consider you to be a profoundly educated person, in both the LGBT/feminism angle and the horror genre itself.

    And since I’m on it, do you have any LGBT horror/thriller/action to recommend? I loved the hell out of Hellbent back when you recommended it in your “slasher films you might not have heard of” episode.

    • Good LGBT horror is hard to think of. Soon as I think of any I’ll let you know. Avoid Lesbian Psycho, Switch Killer and Hell Bent though. As for dealing with those subjects Omegas not really a horror fan so I’ll likely talk about them if they come up in a movie review. I def want to review ‘Ticked off Trannies with Knives’ for its mindblowingly misjusged and cack-handed execution.

      • Thanks! Hell Bent had its absolutely terrible moments, but I thought it was rather progressive, with its primarily LGBT cast and the fact that the hero had a physical disability. I consider it a major step in the right direction. even if I wouldn’t call it wholly good.

        Ah, I didn’t really mean in the podcast, more along the lines of what Count Jackula did with this series. But I’m glad that you’ll be touching on these aspects in the regular show!

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