Vlog- Twilight Marathon pt1

Hagan, Arnikarian and Cy the Writer of Hagan porn attempt to watch all the Twilight movies in a single sitting. Will they succeed?


  1. I’ve been watching the movies with rifftrax and a friend, and by god these movies are terrible. We’re three in so far, and if we tried to actually sit down to watch all of them in a single go without the riffs the sheer overwhelming mediocrity would’ve bored us to death.

    It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Certainly far more interesting than the movies! Not that this is a bar worth leaping.

  2. Most of twilight is just bad. The 5th movie is the only one that’s really so bad it’s good, and that’s mostly due to Michael Sheen trolling the movie every second he’s on screen.

  3. Regarding the discussion of possible death by vagina: I think your guests have been reading Sonichu too often (i.e., ever).

  4. The “tea with tampons” thing? Was…was the movie you referred to The Anatomy of Hell?

    Ah, the Twilight series. So much stupid built around such a vacuous experience. I believed the Blockbuster Buster said it best in his series recap at the start of his Eclipse video:

    Bella: I like you so much, I almost made a facial expression.
    Jacob: What does he have, that I don’t?
    Edward: Haaair gel.

  5. You didn’t buy enough alcohol.

    PS: Love the coat, Hagan.

  6. Line?

  7. btw look up Olympic Peninsula culture. its effing weird. (spoiler Hippy Rednecks.)

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