You Probably Shouldn’t Cook This- Fruit Fajitas

Omega and I have once again taken a culinary blind leap!



  1. Well, I guess Epic Meal Time is safe from competition!
    (Maybe you should have added bacon!)

  2. I can already picture the crossover…

    Brad Probably Shouldn’t Try This

  3. Really good debut episode. I’m glad that the fajitas came out horrible-ish, actually – The reactions are so much more entertaining that way. 😉

    I think I would go with Omega’s improvement ideas on this one. In fact, I might go on step further and add some dark chocolate to the mix – That goes nicely with spicy.

    Speaking of Omega, I’m kind of impressed by her immaculate hair in this.

  4. If you make them sweet you could try some cinnamon. The type of cheese should probably be tested since Gouda is pretty good with fruits.

  5. Interesting Concept. I would say that this is possible but challenging. To me what would be missing from the fajita is that seared-y type flavor you get from the meat. That being said, these are just my two cents. What may work better is mixing a hot chile with the fruit and cooking them off in a hot pan before adding them to the tortilla.
    The dark chocolate idea is also quite brilliant but another you may consider is mixing a little espresso powder as an alternate option.

  6. Cthulhu fajita! …erh…fhtagn…

  7. How did this go so wrong when things LIKE it are so good? Here’s my suggested variant. (I’m actually a really good cook. If I try this, I will let you know.) Forget the oranges. I’d use pears, apples, and peaches. I’d cook them for a bit to get soft, and make a sauce out of butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, red pepper, and (trust me) amaretto. Add brie cheese and maybe walnuts for protein (we’re pretending this is dinner, right?) at the last few minutes of cooking.

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