Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode25 (Lets Speak Cat Together)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! Its exclusive to Project Million Entertainment! We talk about… Lesbian stuff like speaking to cats!



  1. This might seem corny but I want to thank you. Due to you and a couple other movie reviewers blasé attitude towards being gay, and yourself being an open lesbian, I found the courage to come out to my friends and most of family. I just wanted to say thank you for unknowingly giving me the courage to embrace who I am.

  2. YAY CAROLINE! -HUGS- Always be proud of who you are! Unless you’re a dalek, you might not want to be proud of that…

    • Thanks Omega! -hugs back- I am now fiercely proud of being who I am. And I don’t think I’m a dalek…-checks- nope definitely not a dalek. I might be a weeping angel though.

  3. Sarcasm and sardonicism are differentiated by the presence of irony. Sarcasm is when you say the opposite of you mean, sardonicism is when you say literally what you mean, but both embody/express the same attitude in their delivery (hence the confusion).

    The exchange at 3:45 to 3:55 is a great example: Omega sardonically gives an example of a sardonic comment (Sardoniception!), which you then respond to with a straight sardonic aside. Note that in all three examples within that exchange, the statements are literal rather than ironic, but are delivered with the same snarky intent associated with sarcasm.

    Confusion aside, Omega is totally correct about you having a very sardonic personalty.

  4. Yay! Finally got my mention. Totally made my day. Also I’m pretty sure I’m older than both of you two.

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