Lesbian Talk Interview- Zack Lawrence of Indy Christian Review

Me and Omega interviewed Film-maker and reviewer Zack Lawrence of Indy Christian Review about Christian cinema! 3 movies in particular…. Will there be blood? Or swearing? Or apologies?

Zacks Site is here.



  1. In my very humble and not very qualified opinion religious movies walk a very fine line. They have to get their message across and be engaging without being ostentatious or overly preachy. Really if you’re going to have a religious movie , no matter the religion, I think its better to not have it the main focus the entire time it works to get the message across to not have it in your face.

    • P.S. I missed there being no That time at the Store (my favorite part!) and Giovanni and Hagan antagonizing each other.

      • Don’y worry. This is an extra interview. They will be back next regular episode! The interview will be edited into ep 27.

  2. There’s several Christian movies about Christmas, eg the Town that Outlawed Christmas with an actress who appeared wirth Alan Rickman in Nobel Son and Cabin Fever’s Cerina Vincent in something else and then this. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1601221/companycredits?ref_=tt_dt_co Xtan comedy with a beardless Santa, played by some bloke from the Untouchables, Joe Greco not the CITV host. Director William Mendieta has done several Xtan films, including the Nevermore Chronicles, which resembles a more godly Twilight Zone, and a film with Sabra Williams, Lise Yates in the Red Dwarf episode with the memories. He’s also FB friends with Halloween 3’s Stacey Nelkin.

  3. Mendieta appeared in a film, Soldier of God – the Christian Kingdom of Heaven with Scott Cleverdon, the voice of Carnage in the animated Spiderman show in the 1990s.

  4. And the film with LISE Yates had Juliet Granger star of Hangman with James Franco’s producer Vince Jolivette, and star of the terrible Little Indiscretions with the bald chump from Superman Returns.
    She also played in US soap General Hospital, a character played in an older version by Anna Lee, one-time Boris Karloff heroine.

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